From the beginning of its activity in 1999, Convivium Africa has always worked in order to carry out projects in areas of high social impact, in very difficult realities, with special attention to devoloping Countries.

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From the beginning of its activity in 1999, Convivium Africa has always worked in order to carry out projects in areas of high social impact, in very difficult realities, with special attention to devoloping Countries.

Convivium Africa, during the year 2002, has adopted a strategic choice, strengthening its interest for the African Continent in the challenge posed by the G8 - NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development) by matching the different professional experiences of the Members of the Group, which range from Cooperation with developing Countries to the organization of big Events, from public relations with Firms of different fields to sensibilization campaigns for social activities. Despite its great potential and human resources, Africa continues to face some of the world's greatest challenges. The many initiatives designed to spur Africa's development have failed till now to deliver sustained improvements to the lives of individual women, men and children throughout the Continent.

It is clear that the first duty of the African Leaders in front of the people of Africa consists of consolidating the democracy and sound economic management and to promote peace, security and all people-centred development.

It's a common feeling that the prime responsibility for Africa's future, as the acknowledgment of the dignity and development of human beings and as reinforcing action to help Africa to accelerate growth and make lasting gains against poverty, lies within Africa itself. In order to trust economic progress, besides good governance, the fight against corruption and the reinforcement of the Institutuins, it is indispensable for African product to gain access to Western markets and a substantial inflow of private investments to reach the Continent.

The conditions required to start such a virtuous cycle of joint-ventures between African Governments and Italian or foreign entrepreneurs are that industrialised markets open their doors to import from developing countries, with the commitment of enabling broader access, unburdened by custom duties and quotas, to the products from the poorer countries and to attract more investements locally by creating the right conditions, especially in the sense of a reliable legal and institutional frameworks. It is in this that the Firms represented by Convivium Africa join in with their proposals in order to develop durable and concrete relations with Governments and local entrepreneurs, and to identify actual business opportunities.

The strategy of Convivium Africa consists in identifying, in full accordance with African countries, priority projects of possible interest for private Italian Firms; in suggesting to these Firms the opening of the African market by means of commercial bilateral and multilateral relationships on the basis of the identified projects; in stimulating the economic activities in all production areas aimed to reducing poverty and to promoting the development of the African countries, by increasing the employment and the possibilities of economic development.
Convivium Africa is the organization in charge of promotion, sensibilization and coordination for the developments of the projects.

On the 26th of March 2004, Convivium Africa subscribed an agreement with the NEPAD Eastern Africa Secretariat, in order to identify and carry out developing projects in African Countries.

As regards to this activity, Convivium:

1 - identify the projects and the business areas, according to and in collaboration with the local Governments, with a particular attention to the priorities deriving from the most needy areas;
2 - takes care of the Institutional Relations with the most important Authorities both in Italy and in Africa;
3 - identifies the financial sources, necessary for the implementation of said projects through appropriate agreements with local and European Entities;
4 - promotes and sustains any kind of activity directed to the creation of new reality that can be suitable for the development and the realization of projects in different sectors;
5 - executes the preliminary studies in order to individualize the projects;
6 - follows all the phases of their implementation;
7 - verifies the feasibility of the identified projects, related to the countries involved and to the policies followed by each Government.

To prove concretely the strong will of Convivium Africa to help people in need, a certain percentage of gains from the successfully ended ventures promoted by Convivium Africa, will be devolved in a "Fund for the Infancy Protection", that will operate for the realization of projects for child development in Africa.


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